About Me

I am not exactly sure how to introduce myself but I will try.

I'm Kristine. Am not really used to people calling me Kristine. I mostly go by my nickname, Kae.

I'm 29. Yup, so close to the big 30. Single. Not dating at all. How boring can that be?! I think of myself as the most boring person you could ever meet. I hardly go out. I usually enjoy having coffee and tea. Loud places aren't my type. I love TV series. Name it and I watch it - The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Castle, Bones, Revenge, Scandal, The Good Wife, Suits, Arrow, The Flash, and list goes on and on.

For years, I have been in search of what I really want to do and last year, I have finally found my life - long career - professor/teacher/educator/lecturer/college instructor. And I am loving every minute of it. It has to be the most rewarding, satisfying, inspiring, noble and at times, difficult job. It can be time consuming but I just really enjoy being with my students.

I am also a MBA candidate. I am so almost there!!! All I need is to work on my thesis, defend it, and pass. I can't wait to get my masters degree. It will surely open so many opportunities for me. Next on my list after I get my MBA -- PhD!!! How's that?

And I am a crocheter. A happy and proud crocheter. I am not as good as other people but I do make decent crochet projects. I only learned few years ago and totally enjoying it. I love hoarding yarns, collecting crochet books and searching for crochet patterns. It's a talent and am really so proud of it. Although people would tease me that I am like their grandmothers who would be seated in a rocking chair while crocheting. Who cares??! Not everyone has the talent, right?

This is my blog. I've had it since 2009. It was Bianca Gonzalez and Paula Peralejo who inspired me to create a blog. You guys should check out their blogs. They are two of my favorites bloggers. Most of the blog posts can be boring or won't make sense at all. It's okay. I maintain this one for personal reasons. It's my own personal outlet for my crazy ideas and ramblings. And I try to share my crochet skills through this although I haven't had so much time to update this site.

That's it for my introduction of myself. Thank you for dropping by.