Monday, June 15, 2009

I got a kiss! ;)

I got a kiss again on my duty. A parent asked for my help to look for his very cute son in the play place because the kid might have reached the top and his father won't be able to go inside. Instead of calling a crew, I went inside to look for the kid. Good thing he's not yet on the top so when I saw him, I told him that his father is already looking for him. The boy listened and went down with me. I even had to carry him. ;p After they finished their food, the boy came near to me, reached for my face and gave me the sweetest kiss! And bid goodbye. :) He was such a cute little boy. :) Even am really tired at work, those sweet little things can make my day. :) Oh, and nothing can beat kids' smile, hugs and kisses! :)

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