Sunday, April 4, 2010

My Idols


I first saw her in TV when she was still in the sitcom Okay Ka Fairy Ko. I loved her since then. I totally admire her for being what she is right now.


I'm a self proclaimed huge fan. From her movies, to her songs and musical plays. I've only seen her twice and the first time I saw her in person, I was teary eyes. I really, really love her. My favorite movie of hers is Sana Maulit Muli. I can watch it over and over again and I will still cry over it. I always dream of meeting her one day.


I super love Superbianca. I love the way she carries herself. She's so confident in everything she does. I love reading her blogs and learn from her ideas, thoughts and experiences. I admire her for all the things she has done and she continues to do to help other people. :)


I first saw her picture in a Seventeen Magazine wherein she was a cover with Bianca Gonzales. I thought she was beautiful. Then I saw her in print ads and TVC's. Few days ago, I finally saw her in person and damn, she's so beautiful. I admire her for what she's able to accomplish at the age of 24. She's a wife, mother, model, magazine editor and entrepreneur. I have tried her Gourmet Pao and it was so good. (I should order more). She's someone that any young women will look up to.

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