Friday, June 11, 2010

Dearest Otep,

Finally, I am putting all your memories in the past and never will I look at them again.

The reason why I asked you to watch a play with me is because I found out that you are leaving soon. I just wanna see you again and maybe for the last time. But you refused to see me. I don't know why. Probably because you are busy or as simple as you don't want to see me. I was expecting your answer but still, I got so disappointed. Maybe because I thought we are friends. I guess we really are after so many things we have been through. I may happen to be one of your good friends but I cannot change the fact that I am your ex - girlfriend. And maybe the ex - boyfriend just doesn't go out with an ex - girlfriend anymore.

When you said no indirectly, I have come to realize that I am tired to reaching out on you. I am tired of waiting. 6 years is long enough. I have spent 6 years of my life for you. For loving you. For nothing. You broke up with me and still, I tried to have you back again. I never blamed you for not coming back because I know I have made a mistake even it was you who first left and gave up but it was just one mistake and you chose to hurt me this much.

This is goodbye. I'll leave your memories and thoughts to where they should be - in the PAST. I am moving on. I am moving forward without you.


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