Sunday, July 11, 2010

My circle of friends

I am no - Ms. Congeniality. In fact, I can really count in my fingers the number of people I trust. They are my friends really close to my heart and I just love them so dearly.

Cathy, Me, Twish and Jen at the ABS CBN Studio Tour

Me, Fatima and Twish at Eastwood having dinner for my birthday

Jen, Me, Lea, Cathy and Twish in Greenbelt. We saw Lea again after one year!

Me, Maricor, May and Cathy last November 01, 2009.

Me and Bru, as I fondly call her. May and I have been friends since Grade 1. :)

Cathy, Me and Maricor at Cathy's house having late lunch. Cathy and I have been friends since Grade 3 while I've met Maricor through Cathy and we've been good friends since then.

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