Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Year 2010

This year, 2010, could be the worst year of my life. Worst than 2004 when Otep broke up with me. This year, few friendships have been ruined, trust had been betrayed, dreams have been shattered, priorities have been disorganized, and faith, hope and love have been questioned.

It has to be the worst year of my life and I intend to end it when this year ends and start a new beginning when 2011 arrives.

One whole year that I have been trying so hard to survive sadness, heartaches, frustrations, and fears. I never thought I could get through all of it. I guess am still lucky.

I wasn't a good person. In fact, I've did so many bad things that only deserves what I had to go through. So at the end of the day, I know and I'd like to believe that things happen for a reason. I went through all the hardships because I needed to.

On a lighter note, despite all the bad things, at least I am alive trying to survive even longer. Also, I have a family, relatives and friends who keep me sane.

Main goal for 2011: to fall in love immediately.

P.S. Dear 2011, you better be good to me. I deserve it. :)

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