Friday, March 4, 2011

Thank You!

It has been one tough month for me and my family after my father was admitted to the hospital due to loose bowel movement. After series of tests, it turned out that a solid mass grew on his pancreas and when it's not too risky to take it out, he undergo an operation.

The operation was nothing but successful. The solid mass is benign. Little by little, my father is now recovering from lost of weight and appetite. I would like to thank so many people for their endless help during this difficult time.

  • Lord Almighty for granting our prayers. This will not turn out to be just fine if not with Him. Despite all my shortcomings, He still listened to me.
  • Tito Jojo for the financial help.
  • Kuya Peping for being the shock absorber of my mother and for always calling the doctor for updates.
  • Uncle Bryce for doing all the errands needed.
  • Tita Heds for cooking the food everyday for more than a month.
  • Dr. Adraneda for patiently finding the cause of my father's illness and for not charging professional fee.
  • Dr. Ang for the successful operation.
  • The other consultants, resident doctors and nurses for every single service they have rendered to us.
  • To the cute chubby doctor who made my stay in this hospital a little exciting because he's my crush even though he doesn't know me. (I still want to get to know him which will not happen ever.)
  • To my friends and relatives who said a prayer for my father's healing and fast recovery.
  • Father Jerry Orbos for making time to come here and pray over my father.
  • Tita Grace who took care of the needs of my brother and Bella back in Bataan.
  • Lastly, to my sister who's gonna pay for everything I think. She's the most generous sister ever.

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