Thursday, December 22, 2011

2011 Year End Entry

Year 2011 was a rollercoaster ride not only to me but also to my family. God is great that we recovered.

Late January of this year, my father was hospitalized and we practically lived in a hospital for 40 days. My mother and I used this small couch as our bed. There were days that I had to be awake at night so that whenever my father would need something, he can call me. I was with him while he went on a dialysis twice a week while we were confined. I am a self proclaimed coward when it comes to anything that is related to hospital but I had to be strong for my parents. I was hurting and cried bucket of tears when I saw him so weak. It was the greatest heartbreak of my life. As I said, God is great. He survived. We all survived. I don't think I could have survived from it if he didn't. He's the main man of my life. We were so lucky to have God continuously showering us blessings and guidance through the hardships of our lives, family and friends who helped us financially, spiritually, emotionally and psychologically, amazingly genius doctors and nurses who rendered their service to us for more than a month and a hospital that provided us the medical facilities. Year 2011 is my year no matter how hard it has been because my father survived and recovered.

When I turned 25 years old, I went through to what they call Quarter Life Crisis. I didn't know exactly what I want to do and who I want to be. I resigned to my first ever job. I looked for another job and quit. I thought of planning to open a business but I do not have the skills yet to do it. I was a bum for like a year until I figured out what I want to do. After 2 months from the time we were discharged from the hospital, I found a job. I grabbed it because I thought it came when I needed to start all over again so I meant to have it. 6 months ago I started. It's not a high paying job but definitely life changing. I got to meet new people, do new things, learn from really cool bosses and office mates, and made new friends. I'd be hypocrite if I'll say I don't need a high paying job, I do. I think everyone does but sometimes, it's not really about the money. It's what you gain and keep for the rest of your life. There were times I am really exhausted and I'd like to complain but I would realize that I should be thankful I am exhausted because I am doing something productive and meaningful. Year 2011 is my year because I have a job.

The same month when I got my job, I was also admitted to the UST Graduate School to take up Master's Degree in Business Administration. It took me sometime to decided what program I'd like to enroll but with the help of some friends, I finally decided. I have never enjoyed school as I do in Graduate School. Cool professors. Cool classmates. Quality education. And the most important, I didn't stop learning. Year 2011 is my year because I am and will always be a true blooded Thomasian.
Sometime in May of this year, me and my friends went on a trekking to the beautiful crater of Mt. Pinatubo. It was a new experience for all of us. Last October, we went to Cagayan de Oro and experienced their zip lines and white water rafting. Wow. It was such an amazing experience. I get to enjoy such things when I'm with my friends. Just couple of weeks ago, we had a pajama party. I know, very high school. But it's never too late to be and feel young. And we don't drink nor smoke. We would rather eat, enjoy coffee and tea, watch movies, travel and sing. I love my friends dearly and my sanity is intact because of them. Year 2011 is my year because I have great and true friends.

August of this year, my beautiful nice turned 2 years old. She is the joy of our family. She's getting taller and fatter as days pass by. She's also showing the signs of being a really smart kid. I love how she first learn to call me on my first name. I love how she knocks on my door whenever I am home on weekends. I love how she does not let go of me when I am home. I love how she laughs so hard when watching cartoons. I love how she has learned to say that we look alike each other. I love how she says that she loves me. I am one crazy proud tita of my beautiful, smart niece. Year 2011 is my year because of Bella.

This year, my older sister got pregnant and will give birth to a baby girl next year. I am so happy for her and too excited to have a new niece. I always say that I am going to be the favorite tita. I have the tendency to spoil and I'm not sure if it's a bad thing. I adore kids so much. Nothing beats their hugs and kisses. Year 2011 is my year because we're going to have a new baby in the family.

This year, I got over this man I loved the most for the last 8 years. He will always have a special spot in my heart but I no longer hope that one day, he'll find his way back to me. My heart has been healed and am so ready to meet and love the man I am destined to be with. Year 2011 is my year because I am strong for letting go the person I never thought I could give up and I am capable to loving again.

Year 2011 is not perfect. There were fair shares of good and bad things. I am forever grateful that despite these trials and hardships, I have never lose faith, hope and patience that one day things will be okay. I could never be thankful enough that another year of my life is about to end. This year, I turned 26. There were no big parties, just time spend with family and birthday greetings from important people in my life. It was priceless to be remembered and loved.

Year 2011 is my year. As early as now, I claim 2012 as my year also. Here's to a great 2012 ahead of us!

To those who will spend time to read this, thank you! I never thought that any of my blog entries are as interesting as other people's blog.

To this person who captured my heart since July of this year, thank you because I have proven to myself that my heart is still capable of loving.

To my family and friends, thank you for being the reason I am still sane. My life would be meaningless without you.

To the new friends, office mates and bosses, thank you for an amazing 6 months at work. It's always good to meet new people, make new friends and create new memories.

To the one and only Creator, thank You  is not enough. I am out words on how to describe Your goodness. I owe You every single thing in my life. I ask for forgiveness for all my shortcomings. I ask for continuous guidance and good health for me and my family. Thank You very much for everything and I love You with all my heart.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to Everyone!!!


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