Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Hello, broken heart!

I know exactly how I feel. I even think of it everyday. I just can't utter the word because I don't want to admit the idea to everyone else especially to myself. I didn't want this to happen. I'd like to feel this way to anyone but him.

I am happy when I see him. Even on a bad day, it becomes quite good because of him. I do not know him so well but I am sure that I like what I see in him. I don't wanna use the word LOVE but I am out of words. I can't think of a right word to describe how I feel. So I guess, there's no escape. I just have to admit it.

I am IN LOVE with this man who is eleven years older than I am. I am in love with this man who thinks I am too young. I am in love with this man who will never set his eyes on me.

The only thing that makes me so positive about this whole thing is that after 8 long years, I am in love again. I can also foresee my heart being broken when he gets married and that is next year.

So yeah, Hello! Broken heart on 2012!

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