Saturday, September 22, 2012

American Idol Live Tour 2012

I am not really a regular viewer of American Idol but when I catch it on TV, I do watch it but the most recent season caught the attention of Filipinos (including me) because one of the finalists, Jessica Sanchez, is a full blooded Filipino though she didn't grow up here. She made the entire country so proud. Her talent is just exceptional that I am in awe every time I see her perform.

The top 10 finalists  of American Idol Season 11 went to the Philippines for their live tour and I was lucky enough to be able to watch them perform live last night. My cousin and I got free tickets from Philippine Airlines. I didn't realize that the tickets were so expensive until I checked the website of Ticketnet. The seat we got was in Patron and our ticket cost about P10,000 each. Wow. So even it was unplanned, I grabbed the opportunity of watching them LIVE.

Each of their performances were just so amazing. They are all very talented people. I came to see Jessica Sanchez and she didn't disappoint us. She was really good. The Araneta Coliseum was packed and every one was cheering loudly for her. The champion, Phillip Philips, was so charming. His smile will really catch the attention of so many girls.

The pictures I took were all unclear because all I had was my BlackBerry. I was not able to bring a camera for a more decent pictures so please bear with me.

Free tickets. Thanks PAL.

2 young girls gone crazy over the Idols.

Jessica Sanchez performing.

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