Wednesday, January 23, 2013

What is he up to?

Yesterday, I was so surprised to receive a viber message from him. I didn't think that he still wants to talk to me considering all his paasa stunts when he was here for a vacation. But I thought that he's totally bored that's why he's talking to me. I still replied after what he has done. He said sorry anyway, too many times. Again, I hope he's sincere. It was a very brief conversation.

This morning when I woke up, he has message again. He said, 'good morning'. Yes, I replied. We exchanged couple of messages. Sometimes, I wish we could still have fun conversations like we used to have but things have changed. Once upon a time, I fell for him. He broke my heart and he couldn't care less.

We're talking again and I will keep on reminding myself that I am not to be emotionally attached to him again ever. I am wondering though what is he up to. It must be his boredom. ;p

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