Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Here are the facts:

1. I am unemployed.
2. We have financial obligations - medicines, bills, bills, and the list goes on.
3. I have close minded, over protective parents.
4. I am not a fresh graduate. I'm 27 years old.
5. There is no job in Bataan that I'd like to do.
6. I have my own life and I'd like to live it the way I want it to.
7. The only man I loved the most for the longest time was taken away from me. One thing in life that I never get to understand.
8. I had to stop talking to my friends.
9. Two men I thought were my friends aren't my friends at all.
10. Aren't your parents supposed to push you so you could be the best that you could be? Well, mine is a total opposite.
11. I am stuck within the 4 corners of this house.
12. There's no one to talk to.
13. My dreams are just dreams.
14. I am no one.
15. I think I may have the potential to be insane.
16. Life is so, so, so unfair.

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