Sunday, March 10, 2013

I'm a fan!

I have always been a fan of Tabing Ilog. If you guys aren't familiar with Tabing Ilog, it's a teen show back in the 90s in ABS CBN than ran for couple of years. I like all the 8 leading actors but my favorites were Patrick Garcia and Paula Peralejo. Who didn't have a crush with Patrick Garcia? He's gwapo. With Paula Peralejo, I've always liked her. She's pretty. She can sing and act. I liked her even more when I started reading her blog way back 2003. She writes really well. When you read her blog entries, you really can tell that she's smart. She speaks her mind. She's confident. Even though she doesn't blog anymore and has quit show business, I am still a big fan. I follow her on Twitter and Instagram. Last December 2012, I had the chance to personally met her through Twitter. She was preparing for her wedding then and she needed a crochet table cloth. Luckily, my aunt left her 2 table cloth with us so I told her I'm gonna lend it to her. When I went to Manila, I met up with her and his husband, Charlie. Wow. She's even prettier in person. I was star strucked. I am really a fan! But I wasn't able to take a picture with her because we were in a hurry. I also didn't see her when she gave back the table cloth because she was busy. It's okay though. Maybe I'll see her again. I told her that if by any chance she's gonna visit Bataan, I am inviting her in my place. Another nice story from my mother is that my father and his sisters personally know her parents because they're from Bataan also. How cool is that?!! Oh, and I think my mother mentioned that my paternal grandmother and her grandmother (I just don't know which side of her parents) were good friends. Do I sound so happy about our family's connection? I really am!! For the longest time, I've always wanted to meet her in person and now that I did, I'm just so happy. :)

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