Friday, June 28, 2013

Productive June

I am happy about the way I spent the month June for the last 27 days. I may not be employed but have been quite productive.

1. Bella started coming to school last June 13. It wasn't easy for the first week because she didn't want to go to school but on the second week, she made it easier than I thought it would be. She wakes up early without me waking her up. When I tell her that she has to take a bath already, she would gladly follow. And she's now eager to go to school. I think she likes her stroller bag so much and is excited of getting a star from the teacher.

2. I had my 2 wisdom teeth extracted. I was really nervous of the procedure as it is my first time to have a tooth removed but the dentist was great. She did the procedure in 30 minutes and after 5 days, everything was normal again. But then again, I have a very stubborn gum problems. I had it checked earlier and will have to undergo another procedure to treat my overly sensitive gums.

3. I am back at UST Graduate School once again. Classes started last June 08 and I loved it even more. My two professors are really cool. My professor in my first subject was replaced to the last minute but am glad Dr. Enrico Torres was the one asked to handle the subject. Dr. Torres is full of wisdom with the right mix of humor and I like the way he handles the class. I am so looking forward to learning more from my 2 professors this semester. Pursuing a MBA was one of the best decisions I've ever made in my life.

4. My uncle was admitted to the hospital for almost a month and whenever I'd come to Manila for my MBA class, I'd visit him and bring some food. His condition is pretty serious that I was really worried. I know exactly how hard it is to stay at the hospital, both my parents were in the same situation. I even requested Fr. Jerry Orbos to come and visit my uncle for a pray over. After more than a week, he was discharged yesterday. I just really hope for his speedy recovery because he has lost so much weight.

5. It has been a month since my mother left for US and I've been in charge with the house since then. I take good care of the food, clothes, etc. It's kinda hard that my mother is away but we're doing pretty well because I learned from my mother.

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