Thursday, April 15, 2010

How I miss the old times

I miss Otep a lot. I miss our then relationship. But what I miss the most is my friend. We were not friends for a long time before we got into the relationship but along the way, we have built a great friendship. How I miss the old times when I can just simply send him a text message then we'll have a fun conversation or he'll give me a call and we'd talk for long hours. I can't go back to those days anymore but I wish I can. He gives me the most helpful advices up to now that's why I always come to him when I need someone to talk to but so many things have changed. Sometimes, I have to think more than twice if I'd really text him. Yes, we are friends but I cannot change the fact that he is my ex boyfriend and he doesn't have time for me anymore just like before when we are still together.

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