Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Bella's first out of town trip and my first destination this year is BAGUIO! I think it was year 2000 when I last went to Baguio. How I missed that place! I love the cold weather but this time, it was colder. 10 degrees!!! I went with my parents and relatives and stayed for a night. I don't think I could stay for another night since it was really, really cold. Good thing we were able to go to the places we wanted to visit. Bella enjoyed so much. She loved the horses, bike and weather.

B loves to eat! She enjoyed shanghai rolls, broccoli and pancakes.

The beauty of Baguio: Fresh strawberries, flowers and oranges from Sagada

B is the cutest girl ever!

B enjoying Baguio. She rode a horse and bike!!

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