Wednesday, January 5, 2011

People of my year 2010

As inspired by one of the women I truly admire, Bianca Gonzales, I came up with my own People of the Year. It's one of her blog posts that I love. Not only she is an inspiration to everyone but also the people who inspire her.

Just like Bianca, this entry is for the people who through thick and thin, stood by me. This my way of showing how thankful I am they are part of my life.

College Girl Friends - Fatima Fulgencio, Lea Tolentino, Cathy Pedro, Jennilyn Dy and Tricia Rios

These 5 girls are my college best buddies. I've met them in 2002 in UST. We were classmates in 1st year college and been friends since then. They are equally beautiful girls inside and out. I don't think I will ever survive the unfortunate events of my life if they are not part of my life. I love how we plan our annual get away. We don't see each other as often as we want to neither do we talk on a daily basis but I know they'll always be there for me. I also know that they know I will always be there for them no matter what. I just love them so dearly and I look forward to more years of amazing friendship with them.

Jeli Ibarrola and Raissa Soyangco

These 2 girls are my cousins. Raissa is of my same age and we basically grew up together while Jeli is younger than us but we really get along so well. I have the best childhood memories because of my cousins. We used to go on a vacation a lot in Baguio and spend Christmas and New Year together. We don't go to Baguio anymore nor get to spend holidays together but we have found a way to get connected, thanks to technology. We talk a lot through twitter and YM. When I say talking, it means lots of chismisan. They are 2 of my favorite cousins ever.

Cathy Medina and Maricor Nuestro

Cathy and I have been friends since Grade 3 while I've met Maricor through Cathy couple of years ago. These girls are two of my trusted and closest friends. I could never be thankful enough that I have the in my life. They have been my confidante each time I need help. My eating and movie partners. A friend anyone could ask for.

Isabella Suin

My beautiful niece. Everyone who knows me knows how much I love and adore this little girl. She has brough so much happiness in the family. She could be really moody but when she starts making pa - cute, I just can't resist her. As early as now, she is showing wits and intelligence. At one year old, I am amazed how she can follow instructions. I love how she calls me tita which she pronounces as te-ta. ;p She is the cutest little girl ever.

Bianca Gonzales.

I've seen her once in USTv awards. I was such a fan I got star strucked. I've been her fan way back and have loved her ever since. She is one beautiful lady with intelligence and good heart. I admire her for everything she does. I really wish that I could meet her one day. She will always be an inspiration.

Mikaela Lagdameo - Martinez.

I've seen her once also when I ordered Gourmet Pao. I was so surprised that it was her who delivered it. I was star strucked. She was tall, slim and beautiful. She even talked to me! I first saw her in a magazine cover with Bianca Gonzales and have been a fan since then. I wanna be like her. She is an accomplished woman at 25. She is a model, mother, wife, entrepreneur and magazine editor. Just like Bianca, she is also an inspiration.

So, who are the people of your year?

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