Sunday, February 6, 2011

Why Delos Santos STI Medical Center Sucks?

1. When my father was transferred to this hospital two weeks ago, the ER people did not immediately entertained us to think that we had a patient (who is in dextrose) with us. They have the most unwelcoming, unaccommodating staff ever. They don't treat the patient the way they should be treated. Especially the ER resident doctor that night, he totally sucks that I want to punch him in his face. They actually tested my temper but I was trying to be calm because my father was so weak. My sister is also a doctor and I have bunch of friends who are doctors but never did I know that they were arrogant to the patients. We even had to wait for 3 long hours before we could proceed to the room. Doctors, nurses, hospital staff are supposed to render the best service to those who are in need and not treat them arrogantly.

2. The deposit policy it totally unbelievable. My father was admitted to this hospital for 2 times already. The first time was in August of last year and the second was two weeks ago. (We are still here as I write this.) Last year, his deposit was only P5000 and 2 weeks ago, they are asking for a deposit of freaking P50000. Yes, P50000. There was a difference of P45000 just because my father was transferred from other hospital. Seriously, I don't get the logic. Not only that, when my mother was asking for a room, the admission people said they don't have a vacancy but when the money arrived, the room just popped out. Really, what the f*ck? What the hell these people were trying to imply? I really think that they are just waiting for the money. Is that the proper way to treat patients? Going back to the deposit, when my Tito came to pay, he even questioned the people from the cashier and admission regarding their stupid policy and all they had to say is it's their policy. A policy that is not even written and manipulating the consumers. Policies of any constitution should be written and a copy should be provided to the consumers so that they will fully understand the policies even it is the most stupid and discriminating policies we will encounter.

3. I will say nurses and doctors do a noble job. But there are some nurses here who can be stupid. Sometimes, it's just too obvious that they didn't have a proper endorsement. The nurses in the morning shift will give us doctor's orders but in the afternoon shift, nurses will tell us different things. PROPER TURNOVER is a must. They should know that.

4. I assume every room here is equipped with this buzzer that is connected to the Nurses Station. I have used it several times and not at all times that a nurse will come here. I do not know whether this equipment is not functioning properly or there are no nurses in the station. We once asked a doctor about it and she told us that there might be no nurses in the station. What if it is an EMERGENCY? They should have enough staff who are doing rounds and staying in the station while the others are out.

I personally do not like this hospital because of the kind of service they give to the consumers. We are only here because of the doctor. If not with the doctor, I would have asked my mother and titos to just bring my father to other hospital who can provide us a better service. We may not be filthy rich but consumers deserve a quality service. I should know, I once worked in an industry that provides an excellent service unlike this hospital.

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