Tuesday, July 19, 2011

10th letter

Over the years, I've noticed that most of the guys I went out or had a crush with have a name that starts with letter J. Unfortunately, they quite have similar endings - it's either they left and never came back, it just didn't work out between the two of us or it's just impossible to happen.

J #1

My second greatest heartbreak. He was my boyfriend for almost 2 years and just when I least expected it, he left and never came back. I did everything I can to have him back again but nothing worked out. I spent 6 years of my life waiting for him. But just like any other stories, ours have already ended.

J #2

This was the guy I used to work with. He was 9 years senior. I was 20 years old when I met him so I didn't think then of being with someone who is 9 years older than I am. We could have been together if I was crazy enough to be in such a complicated situation but I wasn't. I didn't want complications and not being with him was the most proper thing to do.

J #3

He was my friend. I broke his heart. I ruined our friendship. I lost him forever. 

J #4

We were never really introduced. I just saw him at the hospital wherein my father was confined for more than a month. He was a cute chubby doctor and I wanted to meet him but there was no chance.

J #5

We know each other's name. And that's it. Yes, I like someone I barely know. I like him most probably because of the good things I see in him but I really don't know him that much. Oh wait, I know his birthday. Thanks to Facebook for that information. As I see him often and get to talk to him, the more that I realize that I like him. I get so nervous when he's around. Too high school, don't you think? I hate this feeling.

So yeah, letter J is not my favorite letter.

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