Thursday, November 10, 2011

I don't want to be sorry.

Last night, I watched the latest episode of Gossip Girl Season 5. And I cried. It felt like a broken heart.

Here's the scene that brought tears to my eyes.

I think it's so painful to look back at the things you could have done but you didn't and because there's no way to turn back time and sometimes no chance to make up for the lost time, you have no choice but let go. I feel for Chuck that he's sorry for everything he did and he didn't do. I made mistakes. I broke someone's heart. I could have missed the chance of saying I love you to the people I love. And I am really sorry.

Looking back to the things I could have done but I didn't and after watching this scene, I don't want to be sorry anymore because I didn't do something especially for the people I love. Given a chance, I would gladly tell this one man whom I love the most ever since I met him in 2003 that I still love him, that I will always will and I want him back. Or maybe I will not wait for a chance, I might just do it because I will never know what will happen in the future. You may find this crazy but this is life, it's crazy, unpredictable and sometimes, unfair. And so as love. People may say whatever they want but I can proudly say that I am crazy and in love with the same man for the last eight long years. And if one day he comes back, I am not letting him go again.

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