Friday, February 3, 2012

Feelings that won't go away

People may call me crazy for loving someone for 9 long years but it's the way it is. I love him when I was 17 years old and now that I am already 26, I still love him as much as I did 9 years ago. And for the span of 9 years, I never stopped loving him. I've always loved that person I want to be with for the rest of my life. I never felt ashamed to say that I love him this much. It's just very unfortunate that that fate wasn't with us. We broke up 7 years ago and didn't even had second or third or fourth chance to be together again when I know I deserve chances to fix things because I love him and I know in my heart that he loved me too. He just gave up so soon.

I hope I don't sound pathetic. I've been trying so hard let go but it's not easy. It will never be easy. He's not yet married so I guess I can hold a little hope that one day we might end up together. One thing I've learned over the years - I am too strong to give up something I fought for for the longest time and I don't give up someone I love.

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