Tuesday, March 6, 2012


He is the cutest!!!!! ♥

I got exhausted (literally) last night because I won't stop telling my office mates how cute he is!! He's chubby and so cute!!!

I was supposed to be absent from work but one of the reasons I didn't miss my work is because he's going to be here and I just can't contain my happiness. You may think I am over acting but his aura can brighten up my day. He's the cutest guy! Did I say cute??!!! Hahaha! I wish I could tell everyone how much I like him. I wish he knows how much I like him and if he knew, it matters to him.

I was able to read his curriculum vitae over the internet and man, I am in awe! I am amazed! It's so intimidating. He got a 12 pages CV. How is that?? Now I wonder, what kind of woman does she like? I feel so small with what I read on those pages. He's just so smart. He will never see someone like me.

On a lighter note, I look forward of going to work again because of him. I am always happy when I see him. He's like a sunshine. I can't help but to smile when he's here. ♥

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