Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Bored at Work

I've been saying that I am really bored at my work too many times already. I've also said that this is not the right position for me. I should be in middle management. I was trained to be a manager, to handle people. Some of my friends thinks the same. It has been 10 months since I got hired in my current job and BOREDOM is killing me. WHY AM I STILL HERE? If you may ask. Here are the reasons why:

1. I love some of the people I work with - staff, bosses and lecturers. The staff are fun to be with. My boss is very nice, approachable, professional and pleasant at all times. Some of the lecturers show that they appreciated the assistance I provide them. I love when a lecturer told me that I am efficient. The other one told me I take care the integrity of the exams and am a strong woman. There was one who told me that I make such a good job. Those simple words make me feel appreciated.

2. Finding a job is not easy. I don't want to undergo series of interview and exams anytime soon. 

3. The students are really nice. I have few student friends. Some have given me cake, chicharon and suman. I really appreciate how they would tell me that they don't want me to leave yet.

4. My work is an 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM job and my off is on weekends. I used to have a shifting schedule and my off from work depends on my boss. It permits me to enroll at The Graduate School.

5. Workload is very light compared to what I had to do when I was still working at a fast food restaurant.

Why am I leaving? Oh, I have so many reasons. Both work and personal issues. People may think I complain a lot but it's the way I see things at work.

1. Family duties. I have duties and responsibilities to my family and am willing to give up my work to make sure I take good care of my family.

2. The pay is not that much. I know I deserve more. I'd be hypocrite if I won't say I don't need high paying job.

3. If there are some people that I enjoy working, there are some that I'd rather not encounter. They are simply rude, inconsiderate and no people practice.

4. My work values have been compromised. I was trained by one of the best companies that provide outstanding customer service and I personally would like to provide high quality of service in return of the money that a customer or client would pay but here in my current job, other people's duties stop me form doing that. Some lecturers would submit grades very late and this will cause my department late posting of grades. I can't blame parents and students reaction when I get to talk to them. Some would complain and some were really mad. I should know because I have talked to an angry parent. True enough when they said grades should be posted according to its schedule because they are paying much for a good service.

I have discussed my concerns with my boss and soon I am going to leave this job. I am half hearted but it's for my family and my own personal growth. I can't work in an environment that at the end of the day, instead of being happy because a day at work has ended, I always end up having reasons why I should leave. There were days that I felt like I was beaten up and it's emotionally and psychologically unhealthy. So yeah, I have made up my mind. In a matter of 2 months, I am out of this workplace.

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