Friday, April 20, 2012


Today, I have discovered something terrible. I have always felt something was different but today, she was unmasked of her fake self. Though there were times that I got pissed on her, I never said anything bad about her. I would like to say that for the past 10 months, I have been such a nice person not only to her but to everyone else at work. Or at least I tried to be. I am not perfect. There are days that I could be the bad side of my personality. But I don't think I deserve what she did today. Good thing I saw it. Otherwise, I'd be a fool to still think that we have created friendship. Today, she unmasked herself right in front of me. And I thank her for that. She just showed me who she really is. I am too much of a good friend for her. She certainly doesn't deserve any of it. I cannot elaborate the details of her actions but in fairness to her, she tried to hide it from me but failed to do so.

I thought I'd be angry to her but am not. I feel terrible probably because I treated her like a friend. I feel betrayed. I want her to know that I know what she did but then, what is the point? I'd rather not talk to her again about anything and everything. I lost my trust on her and I already think of her differently. I am disappointed big time. I just hope she realizes what she did.

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