Friday, April 6, 2012

Thank you, One Tree Hill

I just finished watching the last season of One Tree Hill. Yesterday, I was able to finish 7 episodes and this morning, I saw the finale. Just like every fan of OTH out there, I cried. One of the most beautiful endings I must say. Not dragging, just perfect for a goodbye. It breaks my heart. I can't believe it's over. I religiously watched each and every episode. I laughed to every fun episode. I cried to every heartaches of each of the characters. I believed in love as Nathan and Haley fought for their marriage, as Lucas and Peyton gave their love a second chance and as Brooke believed that one day, the right man will come. I believed in life as these characters lived their lives to the fullest. This TV series was amazingly done to touch lives of so many people.

Now that it has reached its end already, I couldn't be thankful enough for a show that not only entertained the audience but also instilled values about family, love and friendship. Thank you One Tree Hill. It was one hell of a great run.

My all time favorite OTH character!

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