Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Beaten Up

I was on my emotional side this morning. Crap! This job has made me cry once again. I was losing my patience that I wanted to scream just so I will feel better but I couldn't so I ended up crying for like an hour. I had to release my emotions. I was almost furious that my head can explode. For 10 months that I have been working here, I think there was only one or two months that I was able to submit the lecturers' payroll without a sermon. So yeah, for 8 freaking months, I felt like I was beaten up. I am trying very hard to be patient and respectful that all I do is listen. But now, I think it's just too much. I was once again blamed for a mistake that yes, I maybe part of but not entirely my fault. You see, I already claimed that it was all my fault and am trying to multi task and that's what I got. Is it too much to ask for him to be at least pleasant or listen to my explanations? I guess this is an enough reason why I want to leave this job.

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