Thursday, August 9, 2012


My country, Philippines, had experienced a calamity, once again, caused by Southwest Moonsoon. They say the rain was worst than Typhoon Ondoy. About nine regions were greatly flooded for since August 7, 2012. Our street in Bataan was also flooded for the first time in more than ten years. I am deeply saddened by this calamity. Classes were suspended until August 10, 2012. Many people died because of land slides. Many houses were destroyed. Many families were evacuated. Hospitals were flooded and ran out of food and drinks supply for the staff and patients. Death toll from this week's rains and floods rises to 49.

*Pictures courtesy of twitter accounts of ANC and ABS CBN News*

Pray for the Philippines.

 Even hollywood celebrities said a prayer. I am so touched. I'm sure every Filipinos appreciate each and every one who took time to pray for our safety and recovery.

Tweets from Andrew Garfield, Paul Gasol, Michelle Branch and Marie Digby

Tweets from Thalia, Sophia Bush, Nina Garcia and Ryan Seacrest

Filipino spirit is waterproof

*Pictures courtesy of ANC Twitter Account*

 The spirit of Filipinos can never be beaten up. I have always believed that one of the good traits of Filipinos is the positivity in life and during difficult times like this, Filipinos are there for each other to help.

A BIG thank you to the newscasters who have been reporting live of the flood situations all over the country. It's a brave and noble job that you do. Also, thank you to everyone who helped in any way they can. This just proves that Filipinos are united despite some disagreements on politics and religion issues.


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