Sunday, July 22, 2012

God of Carnage

I have been a huge fan of Lea Salonga since I was a kid and every time she will have plays, concerts or tv guestings, I am as thrilled as ever to see her. The very first time I saw her perform was in Baby, The Musical back in 2004 and I was teary eyed when she came up on stage. The second time was in Cinderella. And now for the third time, I got to watch her in God of Carnage yesterday, July 21, 2012 at RCBC Plaza. She was brilliant as always. Her talent is undeniably amazing and wonderful. The other three actors (Menchu Lauchengo - Yulo, Adrian Pang and Art Acuna) were also amazing. They delivered each lines perfectly. Their acting was superb. Of course, the credit also goes to the director, Bobby Garcia. I must say he is a great director.

I came to watch alone and it wasn't really bad at all. I got to enjoy it by myself. I look forward to watching more stage plays and more shows of Lea Salonga. I also wish to have a picture taken with her. It's one of my dreams.

If you guys want to read more about God of Carnage, please go here and here.

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