Monday, August 20, 2012

My favorite bloggers

I love blogging. I've been blogging since 2003. It has become the outlet of my personal stories. Through blog hopping, I get to read other people's experiences, ideas, thoughts and life stories and learn from them. I also got to have blogger friends whom I really don't know personally but had time to read my personal and boring entries and gave helpful comments. In today's blog entry, let me share who are the people who influenced me into writing and maintaining a blog site.

Paula Peralejo. We all have known her as the actress from Ang TV and Tabing Ilog and younger sister of Rica Peralejo. Although she didn't pursue her acting, I am still a huge fan. And it's all because I got to have a connection with her through her blog site. She used to have a blog site and she writes really well. She's objective, straight forward, honest and sincere all at the same time. She was the first person who introduced me into blogging and influenced me to write though I don't write as good as her. It was her Xanga site that got me into making my own blogsite. My first even blogsite was in Xanga. She also has a travel blog site. It has all her trips to different provinces of Philippines. Just a few minutes ago, she replied to my tweets. I was so surprised! I really, really love her and do hope I get to meet her in person.

Look at her replies! Made me so happy! :)

Bianca Gonzalez. I totally love Bianca. Her intelligence, sincerity to make a difference, hosting skills and genuine personality make her one of the most admirable celebrities. She's an inspiration. Her positivity is contagious. There are just some of the reasons why I am a huge fan of Bianca Gonzales. Her blog site is also one of my favorites. She also writes very well. I love all her blog entries. I love her as person, model, host, and columnist.    

Kelly Misa. I've known her only on print ads, TVCs, some tv shows and her twitter account. She's so nice to reply on my tweets and I totally love her blog site. It's very her - pretty. I wish she will have more tv shows to improve her acting skills.

Bethany Joy Lenz. I've been a fan since I first watched One Tree Hill. I'm in love in her character as Haley James Scott. It was in her twitter account that I learned she keeps a blog site. By reading her blog entries, I get to have a connection as fan to someone I idolize that I may never see in person. Her blog site is all about her everyday life as an actress, simple woman and mother.

Blogging is fun and healthy! You also get to meet new people and make new friends. So what are you waiting for, start your own blog site!

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