Sunday, September 9, 2012

Her amazing pathetic stunt

Respect from other people is earned. You don't just get it in an instance.

I have a story to share. A story where I completely lost my respect to certain people who are supposed to be professional and someone we, staff, look up but their actions, interests and decisions make the people around them disrespect them as co-workers and worst, as person that they are.

This is going to be my first entry for the month of September and as much as I would like to be positive in all my blog entries, I have to write about this certain issue. I have to say my piece even   just here. I have to vent out my opinions.

I have been with my current job for about a year and 3 months now and so far, I have been really enjoying it because I am surrounded with really good people except of these two. Just like any other organizations, it has its flaws and I will not deny that it is not as systematic as the first company I worked for. I've heard different stories, some were good and some were bad, about different people in that organization. I didn't believe at first until I saw or experienced what they were saying. I knew then there was really something wrong with them being in that company. Their interests are only for themselves. They have no respect for other people especially the ones under them. I continued working not really minding what they want because I am not directly answerable to them. I have a boss who listens, is professional, always pleasant to everyone and respectful to other people.

Their most recent stunt is unbelievable. It was just very unprofessional of them. The lousiest decision they ever made. They are just pathetic for doing what they did.

The department I was assigned has its own email address that I use for official matters. And she has her own email as well under her name. All of a sudden, just 3 weeks before my resignation takes effect, she wanted the password of the email address I am using. I asked my boss if I could give it to her and he said NO so I didn't give. The day she asked for it, I was absent so I had my office mates telling me what she was doing. They told me that she changed the password of the email. When she changed it, my BlackBerry was disconnected from the email account. There was a reason why I installed that email account on my personal phone. I wanted to be able to receive all the email whenever I am so I know what to expect the next day. I really don't know why she took away my access on the email account when I am still in the company. To make the matter worst, her husband who assigns the email account and its password let her changed my password when she has nothing to do with it to begin with. She's just someone who is annoyingly taking in charge things that she wants to do even it is not assigned to her. She likes to interfere with someone else's work to show everyone that she has initiative. They are both unprofessional people who bring their relationship as coupe to work and let it affect their job. They are disrespected and I am sure, they know about it. They just don't care. All they care for is their own interests. They are self - centered people.

By doing what they did just make my stand on leaving my job even more stronger. They don't deserve my dedication to work, efficiency, time, effort and loyalty. I really don't get it why they would such thing. It's lousy, pathetic and unprofessional. I don't know what the heck she wants in that email. Even before I get to read emails addressed to me, she opened it already and replied. I wonder why she wouldn't use her own email address.

If that was her way to people pay attention on her, I think it's just so pathetic. She just proved all the things I've heard about her. She should not be in the position she's at right now nor in that company. They don't need a parasites that destroy their organization.

They just lost my respect even before they earn it.

So there, I said my piece. I do not have to communicate with them after my work there. I do not have to think about them ever again.

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