Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Half Hearted

I barely have 3 days in my current work. My long overdue resignation will finally take effect. (Read: I've been trying to resign since January of this year). To be honest, it makes me sad because I already made friends with so many students who are really nice to me and whom I wanna see graduate. I've made professional relationship with the lecturers and I've found lifetime friends with the people I work with. But then there are some people that I don't wanna work with anymore. These are the people that I have little respect because of their own actions and I wanna leave my work with that little respect still intact. The decision to resign didn't come easy. I had to think too many times. And it always end up with one reason: I cannot work in an organization who does not have the same work values and ethics that I have. I know I made the right decision but I can never avoid to be sad. I'd like to stay for the students but I cannot compromise my work ethics.

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