Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tuesday Rants

Lecturers and final grades.
The director gave a deadline - September 11, 2012. And each day after that I reminded them about it. Some have complied even late and there are particular persons who haven't yet. It pisses me off. It's not even for me, it's for the students who pay for a quality service and this is what they get.

Last week, I reminded a certain person about it for the nth time and I thought I made it clear when I gave another deadline. Guess what?!!! He still didn't submit. Clearly, he doesn't care about someone else's work. Today, I asked him about it and he replied, "Not yet. I will deliver it to you ASAP". I wonder when is ASAP for him. Next week? Next month? Next year? He's just so unbelievable. He can have his Facebook and Twitter updated every single day but he couldn't comply with his duties and responsibilities. So unprofessional and terribly frustrating.

I've said this too many times. All I expect from these people is to do their part because for over a year, I did mine. I've met deadlines of their payroll. Their checks were released on time. I assisted them the best way I can. All I ask from them is to submit the freaking grades on time because I totally hate it when parents and students ask about it and I can't tell that they haven't submitted yet because I speak in behalf of the management. It's pretty tiring and unprofessional.

Feeling boss and email account.

 My CPU was pulled out yesterday for some repair and I only use my netbook for typing, printing and internet purposes. I lost my BlackBerry access on the email since a certain person changed the account password for whatever stupid reasons she has. Now, I do not have any access on the emails sent to me since yesterday afternoon. Seriously, I feel clueless without my access to the email account. The hell with that person who wants my email account all by herself. She should have just swallowed it.

Pending works.

I have so much unfinished business slash work duties in my hands right now and there are the reasons why I am still here in my job. Last Friday would have been my last day (which I was so excited about) but due to pending works, I had to extend. Sigh.

So there. I'm done ranting. Somehow, it felt good to be able to vent out. :)

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