Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wednesday Rant!

For almost a year and 4 months now, I have been trying hard to be patient with a certain person and his manner of talking to me. For some unknown reasons, he is never ever pleasant. Twice a month I would submit lecturers' payroll to him and just every time, his manners get into my nerves. I am always on the verge of losing my temper but I also do keep in mind that he is older and should be respected. I also noticed that he just wants every work to be in proper and all policies to be followed accordingly but his attitude and manners are just too much to handle.

Just awhile ago, he made another scene. Wow. Nakakahiya talaga sa kanya. Okay, I'm being sarcastic here. So here's what happened.

I went to 3rd floor to submit the lecturers' clearance.

Him: Bakit may clearance na ito? Wala pang EOC attendance sheet. (Pointing to lecturers' name)

Me: Nag submit na po ng grades.

Him: Paano nagsubmit?

Me: Nag email po.

Him: Bakit kasi hindi napapapirmahan sa kanila. Yung last day nila dapat nag sign na.

Me: Yung last day po kasi niya proctor po ako sa final exams.

Him: Dapat binabantayan niyo. Hindi pwedeng rason na proctor ka.

I turned around and said no more.

But I could have said and I wanted to say, what the F*ck????!!!

If only I could be at two places at the same time, I would especially at times when I have so much to do. Unfortunately, I can't and I am juggling a two man station for over a year now. To make the matter worst, I am surrounded with self centered, major complainant, incompetent, unprofessional people. What the heck am I supposed to do???!!!

Then came the lecturers. Then a parent who needed an assistance. Then a stupid person (proven and tested). Then it was him again rushing me for a payroll of someone who is pa-importante and needed to be reminded about his attendance. Grrrr.

What a day it has been! I am just so glad in a few days, I will no longer have to deal with all of them on a daily basis.

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