Saturday, September 29, 2012

Last Day at Work!

Aaaaahhh! Finally!!! My long overdue resignation has finally take effect!!! Yes, you read it right! I'm so done with them. Oh, do I sound that I'm too excited to leave them?! To be honest, I have mixed emotions. I felt happy because it's what I wanted and it's the right thing to do considering I've worked with some insensitive and unprofessional people. I was also sad because I've made really good professional and personal relationship with a lot of people that I worked with for one year and four months.

I've always thought that the last day would be a tear jerker as me being a cry baby. Yes, I cry even on movies and tv shows. But it wasn't. In fact, it was AWESOME! My clearance is almost done, only needs 3 signatures and am officially done. AND I saw this guy that I have BIGGEST crush with. I am really IN LIKE with this person. To make things even better, I had picture with him that I will keep forever. :) Thanks to my office mate who initiated the picture taking because I couldn't do it. I'm always nervous when he's around.

I'm forever grateful of the people I worked for and worked with, friends I've made, parents and students I assisted, lecturers who were really nice to me and all the experiences and learning that made me a better person. I am thankful for my boss who was always pleasant, listened, accommodated my schedule at times that I needed to be with my parents at the hospital and who trusted me.

Thank you ESA. You might not be the perfect organization to work at but I've learned a lot from you. You brought to my life some of the people I intend to keep for the rest of my life. You gave me memories I will cherish forever. :)

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