Sunday, September 30, 2012

Twitter Replies

I am so happy to share the replies of my favorite models and celebrities to my messages on Twitter! I am really kilig when they replied. Of course, I know they receive thousand messages every single day but they replied to me!! :)

Received this reply one morning and made my day!

This reply was for my message to her about her baby boy.

This was a reply when I tweeted that she has one of the prettiest faces.

One of my fave blogger - Patty Laurel. This is her reply on my reaction to Tito Sotto's plagiarism.

Another mention from the beautiful Nicole Hernandez

Direct Message from Isabelle Daza about the 8 minute workout video she tweeted

Replies from the super woman, Mika Lagdameo. She replies to my questions most of the time.

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