Saturday, November 3, 2012

All Saints' Day 2012

It has always been a family tradition for us to gather on a November 1. It's a one long day affair. Sometimes, it lasted until the morning the next day. Usual things happen every year - relatives from Manila come home, we ate lunch together (Roasted pig or lechon is our favorite), we go to cemetery in the afternoon until midnight and we eat again then we come back home and eat again. This year we feasted with Filipino food - goto, tokwa, dinuguan, lumpia and lechon. It was so much fun! We had rice and pork for our midnight snack! Calories, cholesterol and carbohydrates overload. I never missed All Saints' Day in Bataan because I don't want to miss the fun of spending time with my cousins. And it's a tradition of the Soyangco family that we would like to pass to younger generations so we could continue living up to the family tradition that have been a practice for so many years.

We weren't able to take lots of pictures because we were to busy laughing over our fun conversations so I will only upload few pictures.

With my cousins. These are just less than 1/2 of our big family.

Bella and Dianne

Dianne, Chloe and Bella

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