Monday, December 31, 2012


Okay. What the heck am I gonna do with the crochet scarf I worked for 4 freaking days?!!

It was my Christmas present for him. I would have not made it if he didn't ask for it. I would have not made it had I known I won't be able to give it to him. :(

I deleted him in my Facebook account. It was our only way to communicate and now that it's gone, we don't have to talk again.

I have always been here for him. He's my friend and a very special one. He just doesn't see me.

Seriously, is it too much a waste of time to message me and say, "I'm here. I landed safely"???? I guess he just wasn't able to find a little time for me. Expectations are just crap.

I'm done with him. I love him but I can't wait forever. Game over. I'm moving forward. Even without him.

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