Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Year End Entry

Bittersweet. That's how I will described the year it was. Good and bad things happened. Some I never thought I would have survived. People came into my life, some I had to lose and couple of them I chose to keep. Nonetheless, it was tough but with God's continuous guidance and family and friends, 2012 was indeed a year of survival, test of faith, realizations, family and love.

Here are some of the highlights of my 2012:

  • My mother's confinement. She was in and out of the hospital for about 4 times and the last hospitalization was tough. I could have not survived it if not with my family. I would have had nervous breakdown if not with all the help we got. And I couldn't be more thankful enough that she survived and recovering.
  • My second niece, Adrianna Krystin was born last February 17, 2012. She was my sister's eldest. I got to see her when they went home last April 2012.
  • My sister got pregnant again this year and it's a boy! He's coming out next year sometime in March or April 2013.
  • I resigned from my job last September and it wasn't easy. Not only it's hard to leave the people you have built both professional and personal relationship with but being unemployed is a decision I had to make to be with my family full time.
  • I stopped communication with some of my closest girl friends because of what I have become, I felt so unworthy of their friendship. I know in time I will be able to face them all again, ask for forgiveness and spent quality time with them. I hope they know that I missed them terribly.
  • I fell in love. And I am not sure if it's a good thing. Someone I haven't seen for years came back into my life and he might just be leaving again. I love someone who doesn't even see me. I love someone who I thought was different and a better person but I think I am wrong.
  • This year I went back to the Graduate School which I am very happy about. Going to school, being able to learn and meeting new people is a great experience for me.
  • This year my faith was tested. And there's only one to call to when faith is at risk, it's Him. The Lord did not leave me at all. I was guided to the right path. My questions were answered. I am blessed.
 2012 is bittersweet. It was indeed a roller coaster ride. But I am blessed not to have problems as much as of those who were calamity victims. I have family and friends. I have the ability to do good and to be better.

I am looking forward to many positive changes. I know He will always be there to guide me. 
Who knows I get to find that one person who will sweep me off my feel in 2013? He knows and I know He won't let me settle for anything less.

Thank you Lord. Thank you to everyone who have brought laughter and tears to my life. It was a crazy year!

Here's to a wonderful, abundant, peaceful, happy, full of love new year!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! Cheers to 2013!!!!

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