Sunday, December 30, 2012

Chicken Savory Marquee Mall

Yesterday, December 29, 2012, we (parents, niece, aunt, cousins and I) went to Marquee Mall in Angeles, Pampanga just to catch the dancing fountain they saw last year during the holiday season. When we got there, it was time for dinner and the dancing fountain wasn't there. Instead, there were performers, huge lanterns and fireworks display. We had dinner at Chicken Savory because I heard the chicken they serve is really good and it was my first time to eat at that restaurant. When we were about to take a seat I asked the manager about their promo as I saw it on the table - minimum single receipt of Php1000 using BDO card will have free dish. We ordered food and my father asked again about the promo. The crew who was taking our order mentioned about the promo if our bill will be paid cash. Again, minimum single receipt of P1000 with SM advantage card will get free pancit canton. I gladly told the crew that we'll take the promo since my aunt has her SM advantage card. Much to our surprise, when my mother mentioned the senior citizen card, we were informed that we cannot avail the promo if my parents will use their senior citizen card. They said we cannot avail 2 promos in one transaction so I corrected them by telling that SENIOR CITIZEN DISCOUNT is not a promo but a privilege. I said we won't take the promo anymore. Food was served. We finished dinner. My mother again asked if she insisted on having her and my father's food to be billed separately, will they allow us to avail the promo since we are sure we are spending more than P1000 on our food excluding my parents'. In that way, they could use their SC card and we could avail the promo. They said NO. And here are there stupid reasons:

1. They insisted - two promos (SCD and free dish) can't be avail in one transaction. Really stupid.

2. If seated in one table altogether, food ordered can't be billed separately even payments will come from two different person. Really, what's the logic?

Here are what I have to say on their stupid SCD, promo and billing guidelines:
1. Again, SCD is not a promo, it's a privilege.

2. They are misleading their customers. Sure, people would be delighted to know they can avail the promo but little did they know that they are being manipulated by not allowing them to use SCD (for those qualified) at the same time of availing promo because the restaurant will take advantage of the customers who is not aware of the truth.

3. They have the most stupid promo and billing guidelines. It doesn't make sense that if seated in one table, they can't be billed separately. This is just annoying.

4. They have to review their promo rules and inform the customers.

This food establishment does not know how to treat customers properly. They have such a poor service.

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