Sunday, December 30, 2012

Day Tour at Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar

It is located at Bagac, Bataan and known for its beautifully restored old houses from different places in the Philippines. While the old houses are really interesting as well as their desire to live the tradition and culture in our country, I think it's overrated. Service is inefficient. They lack restaurants. We went there this morning and wanted to have lunch but their buffet is ridiculously priced Php750 pesos when there weren't much varieties of food to offer. Their Italian restaurant is packed because of limited seats and by the time we finished the tour, the restaurant was already closed. My uncle wanted to order coffee but it was out of stock. Seriously, they accommodate guests for overnight and day tout but they do not have enough food and beverages to offer. Oh, soda in can costs freaking Php55.00. Their kalesa (horse carriage) is only one and the horse would take a break from walking once in a while that will make the guests wait. I heard if you check in in one of the houses, it costs Php20,000 per night. Wow. That amount could give 3 day vacation in either Cebu, Bicol or Cagayan de Oro. I really think they need improvement on service and facilities.

Take a peek though on some of our pictures. My niece, Bella, seemed to enjoy the day tour.

Bella posing as the angel

Bella and Mama

B posing again as angel

Papa and Mama


Huge legs

Nice ceiling

Old bicycle

Old dental chair

Hotel + souvenir shop

One of the old restored houses

Me at the gazebo

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Dr. Jose Rizal

Tita Grace posing beside the door of an old house

Taken before we left

Papa at the gazebo

Bella at the horse carriage

Disclaimer: This blog entry is not intended to comment negatively but rather a first hand experience.

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