Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Late night thoughts

Usually, an in love person would say 'he brought colors into my life'. In my case, 'he brought complications, questions and more questions'.

To let someone come into your life for the third time means you're ready to take the risk. But I am not ready because I am scared.

I asked him if he had a crush on me. He found me amusing and interesting. I don't know if I will take it as a complement or insult.

Right at this very moment, I want to talk to him. I want to tell him about my day and how heavy I feel but I couldn't. He won't be interested.

I wanted to fall in love but not with someone who won't even look at me.

I hate emotional attachments. I hate it.

We're friends. I should stick to it.

What if he's the one? What if he is not?

 I will see him in 3 weeks. I hope to prove myself wrong. I don't like what I feel for him.

 I have to get him out of my head. I can't focus. I have to focus.

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