Saturday, January 26, 2013

My Name is KAE

Most of the time, my nickname K-A-E is spelled as K-A-Y-E or K-A-Y and worst K-H-A-Y-E. The first two spellings are the most common but the one with H is just annoying. There were times when a lot of people are putting H in their name. Oh, please spare my name. I don't want H in my name!!

This morning, I arrived so early at UST (for my MBA class) so I went to Starbucks (along Dapitan) to get a coffee and use my January coupon (the ones free at the 2013 planner) and to my surprise, whoever made my coffee got my name spelled correctly! It was a first time at Starbucks! He/She made my morning! I know, it's just simple things but those little things can make me smile. :)

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