Monday, February 11, 2013

Patty Laurel

I have been a blog reader, twitter and instagram follower and big fan of Patty Laurel for quite sometime already. I know her because she used to be a host of a morning show in Studio 23 but it was my cousin who introduced me to her blog. I totally love how she writes, communicates and interacts with her readers and fans. She's positive, cheerful and inspiring. Every time I read her blog entries, I imagine her saying exactly what she wrote and she really got a very positive and inspiring personality. Plus, she gives really cool give away. I've joined 3 times already and although, I haven't got any luck yet in winning, I still enjoy joining her blog contests. About few days ago, I sent her an email in relation to her confinement. I told her about my parents' confinement in 2010 and 2011. And guess what?!!!!! She actually replied to my email. I was so happy when I received the email. She really does reply to her readers and fans! She is definitely one of the nicest celebrities/bloggers/models!!! I wish to meet her in person one day.

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Yish said...

i'm also a big fan of patty!! indeed she's nice to her fans. i sent her also an email few weeks back and i never really have thought that she'd take time to respond to my message. :)