Monday, February 11, 2013

To Do List

Today is the start of a kinda hell week. There are job hunting, job interviews, case analysis, quiz and feelings I am not yet ready to let go. But today has been quite productive and am glad I was able to do few important things.

1. I took a pre - employment exam at a certain institution.

2. I finally have my new UST ID which I applied last November 2011. I love how fast my ID was printed and it's not expensive to have it replaced.

3. Returned at the library the book I borrowed last Saturday.

4. Mother was able to come to her eye check up.

5. I am almost done with our PowerPoint Presentation for Saturday's class.

Next on my list:

1. To nail that job interview tomorrow. Keeping my fingers crossed and am praying a lot. I hope I get the job.

2. Write my ethical case analysis for Critical Thinking and be ready for the oral defense.

3. Review for a quiz regarding a very complicated topic on Critical Thinking.

4. Finish 3 case studies for Production Management this week.

5. Crochet new stuff!

6. Ignore you as much as possible. It's for a good cause.

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