Thursday, February 7, 2013

It's the month of love

So it's February - the month of love and my heart is no exception. I will not deny it. He knows already anyway. I am in love. Who cares if he doesn't love me back? I have a happy heart. It's in a very good condition - no heartaches, no expectations just in love. Although things would be so colorful and special if he feels the same way and we're together but he doesn't, I'll just let it be.

To make my first Valentine themed blog entry, I gathered couple of love quotes from the internet. Cheesy, huh? I just felt like reading love quotes. Pagbigyan niyo na ako, wala naman akong boyfriend na magsasabi sa akin ng 'i love you'. At wala din naman ako ka-date sa February 14. ;p

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