Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tuesday Rant

I was supposed to come to a job interview this afternoon today pero kumontra ang mommy ko. Good luck na lang sa akin kung makahanap pa ako ng trabaho! Buong araw ako nag isip kung ano ang gagawin ko. If I pursue looking a job abroad, I will have to give up my MBA which I don't like to do because when I finish it, it's going to be my edge to so many applicants without MBA. If I stay here and find a job (that will please my mother), I will have to deal with her stunts of pangongontra. Hello, 27 na po ako, huling huli na ako!!!

Today was such a bad day. I wanted to talk to someone about it who is unfortunately out of coverage area. He's currently the only person I can rant about anything and not only he's on the other side of the world but the other day, he gave me an impression that he doesn't want to talk when in fact, I didn't start a conversation. I was just asking a question. Yeah, we stopped talking again. It must be the things I told him about my feelings. If it was about it, I'd say it's the lousiest reason to avoid a friend. You see, he keeps on coming in and out of my life whenever he wants to and I might just get tired of letting him come in if he won't just stay. Meron naman siya lugar sa buahay ko eh. Pati sa puso ko meron. Okay, corny yan. Pero totoo. Nakakapagod din ang magtanong, mag isip at mag isip ulit. If he doesn't want to talk anymore, so be it.

What exactly am I gonna do? I have non-supportive people surrounding me. I have no job. I am at my most indecisive state of my life, torn between my life's responsibilities and dreams. So terrible to be in this situation and I feel so helpless. Ugh.

What to do? What to do?!!!!

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