Sunday, March 17, 2013

Crochet Headband

This headband is for babies. It is available in different colors. The measurements below are for the circumference of the headband. For best fit, you can measure your baby's head and give the measurements upon ordering. 

Headband lenght:

Newborn: 12” (fits up to a 14” head)
0-3 Months: 13” (fits up to a 15” head)
3-6 Months: 14” (fits up to a 16” head)
6-12 Months: 15” (fits up to a 17” head)
12-24 Months: 16.5” (fits up to an 18.5” head)
2T-4T: 17.5” (fits up to a 19.5” head)
5T-Preteen: 18.5” (fits up to a 20.5” head)
Adult: 20” (fits up to a 22” head)

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