Saturday, May 11, 2013

Fun way to work out!

I am the kind of person who gets easily bored at gym to exercise so I just get some dance exercise videos that I use at home. This morning, I was browsing the Windows 8 store in my computer and saw this cool, cool application - BALL STRIKE.  It's similar to Kinect wherein the computer detects the person in front of the computer using the webcam. There are virtual balls floating in the computer screen and the player may punch or kick those balls. This application also counts the calories burned and for 6 minutes, about 40 calories are burned. There are 12 levels. I get to access 6 levels because I'm an ASUS user. The 6 remaining levels is for sale - $3.49 each level, which I think a bit expensive. I'll just wait for them to lower the price before I purchase. The first 6 levels though are enough to experience such a fun way to burn some calories and fats. I've read several reviews and they're right, it is so far the coolest application that Windows 8 offers. I hope they come up with dance versions to make it even more fun and cool especially for the kids.  For someone like me who likes to stay at home a lot, Ball Strike is very useful to me. I used to bike around our town but these past few months, I wasn't able to and am sad that I don't get to workout like I used to. And because of that, I've gotten really fat. But now that I have a new way to exercise, I can do it everyday even for just 18 - 24 minutes.


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