Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Okay. I am HOOKED. I've learned of this tv show through Lea Salonga's twitter. She tweeted about how she loved the show, story and actors. I did the next best thing, I watched it. 26 episodes in 2 days. And just like any other people, I loved it. I love how thrilling it is. Each scene is nerve wracking. It makes me so nervous while watching. Its story and script is well written. It's a mixture of love, honesty, lies, betrayal, politics, and crimes. The people behind it are just so amazing. And lastly, the actors are so great!!! They portray each role in such an amazing way. The characters of Olivia Pope and Huck are my favorites. Olivia is a strong woman but deep inside her, she desires this one man she truly loves but couldn't be with. Huck is a smart guy who loves his family and will do everything for Olivia without questions. If you guys (children not allowed though) haven't seen this yet, you should watch it.

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