Monday, April 22, 2013


Ugh! There's so much to do but it has to start in finding a stable job. I need to find a job by June of this year so I could start accomplishing several important stuff that I had to set aside.

1. Last 6 units of my PTC program at UPOU.
2. MBA on June 2013.
3. Dress making course.
4. Potential business.
5. Applying for a US Visa.
6. To travel alone on my 28th birthday.
7. To meet up with my friends whom I missed terribly.

I'm turning 28 in 6 months and I haven't done anything worthwhile yet! My life is terribly messed up. My priorities keep on changing. My goals have been set aside. My bucket list is still a bucket list. How sad is that. I NEED TO GET THINGS DONE.

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